Boilers in the Alkali Deposit Investigation

Alkali Deposits Found in Biomass Power Plants: A Preliminary Investigation of Their Extent and Nature
National Renewable Energy Laboratory Subcontract TZ-2-11226-1

TypeFBC-1CFB -1, 2CFB - 2CFB -3Grate-1Grates 2-3
Fluidized BedCirculating Fluidized BedCirculating Fluidized BedCirculating Fluidized BedTraveling Grate+stokerStraw Boilers
Gross Capacity MWe27282818205-11.7
Steam flow th-1 (Kph-1)116(255)118(260)118(260)77(170)84(185)26-40(57-88)
Steam Pressure kPa (psi)9308(1350)6240(905 )6240(905)6206(900)6378(925)6701(972)
Steam Temp C (F)513(955)454(850)482(900)482(900)421(790)450(842)
Furnace Gas Exit Temperature C (F)960 (1760)882 (1620)882 (1620)900 (1650)850 (1560)640-760 (1184-1400)
Fuel consumed dry t/h 30303022228-Jun
Fuelsurban woodag pruningswood, ag nuts, shellsurban woodagurban woodagurban woodstrawstraw

Last Updated: 2/27/96

Analyst/Contact: Tom Miles, Jr.
T. R. Miles, Consulting Design Engineer, Portland, Oregon U.S.A.

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